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If you have been charged with a federal or state crime, you need an attorney with the talent, skills and expertise who has successfully handled these cases before to manage your case. If you only speak Spanish then I am the attorney for you. (Si solamente habla Español, yo soy la abogada para usted). As a former federal and state prosecutor with over 14 years of experience in criminal law, I have handled hundreds of cases, and I can handle your case.
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Being targeted by the federal or state government can be a frightening experience. The federal government has unlimited resources which enables it to target and investigate virtually anyone, anywhere, for lengthy periods of time, causing unthinkable stress on the person being investigated and his or her family. Many times these investigations last for years, even decades.

With over 10 years of prosecutorial experience, Judith Vargas’ experience as a federal and state prosecutor gives her the unique insight a client desperately needs when being targeted in an investigation, or worse, when a person is the subject of a criminal complaint or an indictment.

Managing a federal case is a complex matter. It requires not only expert legal and courtroom skills, but the finesse to negotiate the successful conclusion to a federal or state criminal matter with minimal disruption and stress in a person’s life. Judith Vargas has successfully managed and negotiated such dispositions.

If you have been charged with a federal or state crime, and want an attorney with the talent, skills and expertise who can manage this stressful situation for you, one who speaks your language, contact Judith Vargas at (212) 668-0024.

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